Isnin, 26 Mac 2012

Hand, foot and Mouth Disease


Afrina kena HFMD!

Simptom-simptom (aku cilok dari wikipedia jer)

Symptoms of HFMD include:

Referred ear pain
Sore throat

Painful oral lesions
Non-itchy body rash, followed by sores with blisters on palms of hand and soles of feet
Oral ulcer
Sores or blisters may be present on nose and nostrils
Sores or blisters may be present on the buttocks of small children and infants
Irritability in infants and toddlers
Loss of appetite.

The common incubation period (the time between infection and onset of symptoms) is from three to seven days.

Early symptoms are likely to be fever often followed by a sore throat. Loss of appetite and general malaise may also occur. Between one and two days after the onset of fever, painful sores (lesions) may appear in the mouth and/or throat. A rash may become evident on the hands, feet, mouth, tongue, inside of the cheeks, and occasionally the buttocks (but generally, the rash on the buttocks will be caused by the diarrhea)."

penerangan bergambar....

Setelah dibawa ke dr kerajaan, didapati Afrina tak kena HFMD, tetapi demam campak... Posting inii dibuat sebelum check dgn dr kerajaan.. pi klinik jer..

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